Our dream is to create“Goen”

which means connections in Japanese.
We build “Goen” between talented musicians and music lovers.

There are so many artists in Japan actively performing at live theaters, 

presenting impressive music experiences to their audiences.


"goen sessions" is a project came to the life from our huge desire 

that such memorable music should be reaching to as many music lovers as possible, 

not just in Japan but people from all over the world.

The stage is set in the town of Koenji, Tokyo.

To find and build the good  "Goen" between musicians and audiences,

we bring the musicians' attraction in a very special way that cannot be found at normal live theaters.

The project is curated and coordinated by:
Live Music JIROKICHI, one of the longest-running live music venues in the town opened in 1974,
INRYOKU RECORDS, a free magazine which conveys the fascinations of indie music in a very comprehensive way,
Front Porch, a magazine of lifestyle and roots music,
Number of passionate independent music editors and journalists who love music whether known or unknown, also join this project.

Different generations of true music lovers will passionately introduce you a pure
selection of impressive music without any borders of genres.






そんな私たちが大好きな熱い音楽たちを、もっと多くの人々に、聴いて、観て、知ってほしい。「goen sessions」はそんな思いから、音楽好きの有志で立ち上げた動画プロジェクトです。









Directors: Mie Senoh (Front Porch) /Yuya Shiraki (Inryoku Records/Miho Takamuku (Live Music JIROKICHI)
Audio Engineer: Hitoshi Kawasumi
Design: Sasahara
Movie: Yasu Seno